"Milwaukee is a hidden treasure with so many positive leaders who deserve recognition, which is why we're excited to help amplify the voices of some our favorite leaders in the country," said Rashid Shabazz, CBMA’s Vice President for Communications. “MyBlackStory.us continues the Campaign for Black Male Achievement’s Black Male Re-Imagined programming and investments that are focused helping to shift the existing narrative from a primary focus on the negative perceptions of black men and boys, and to challenge both the explicit and implicit biases being perpetuated by mainstream media that fails to see black people in their full humanity and diversity.”

The video and creative content featured on MyBlackStory.us are created by Render, a digital storytelling firm founded by  activist and artist, Dr. Rob Biko Baker, who has been a key leader in the Movement for Black Lives since the death of Michael Brown

“Milwaukee continues to have the socio-economic problems that helped sparked last summer’s uprising, but over the last year, so many people have stepped up to present a different narrative,” Dr. Baker. “I think it so important that CBMA is helping us put a magnifying glass on the leaders who reimaging and rebuilding our community.” 

CBMA and Render are proud to announce that MyBlackStory.us will continue to highlight stories of Milwaukee leaders who’ve had a demonstrated impact on the city and community.  Upcoming leaders including Maya McCarthy Neal, Reggie Moore, Pastor Walter Lanier and Jade Charon will be featured on the site in the weeks to come.